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A quick, simple list, with helpful hints for anybody just starting out at Yoga with Katie Bennett. Tips include: what to wear for class, what to bring, where to park, what time to arrive, payment policy...
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This is a great opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life to enjoy yoga and Pilates sessions plus a home made lunch. Yoga and Pilates days are held five times a year. Contact Katie for more details.

Restorative Yoga - Level 1

I started this class after I had experienced a serious illness and realised how important breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and relaxation were to my recovery. This class is aimed at anyone who is living with a long term illness, or who is recovering from serious illness, OR who appreciates the benefit of 75 minutes of gentle stretch, meditation and mindfulness. The Restorative postures are supported which means they can be held for a long time. The Restorative postures encourage the body to relax, breathing to relax, and the mind to quieten. Some clients choose to use this class as a spring board to a general class, but lots of people come and never leave!

Gentle Yoga - Level 2

This class includes breathing exercises, gentle stretches and postures. We tend to take our time moving between postures and use the wall for support when undertaking balancing postures. This class can be helpful in gaining confidence for clients who are new to yoga, or who have not been to a class for many years. Again some clients choose to move on when they feel they have improved or choose to stay.

Level 3

These classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate level, as everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace. We begin with breathing exercises, mobility exercises, and stretches, followed by yoga postures and Yoga sequence. We finish with relaxation lasting 6-10 minutes.

Please chat to me if you are unsure which classes will be suitable for you.
These levels are a guide, and clients often attend a class a level above or below their usual class when coming for a catch up class. Clients who attend twice a week often do 2 classes of different levels.