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A quick, simple list, with helpful hints for anybody just starting out at Yoga with Katie Bennett. Tips include: what to wear for class, what to bring, where to park, what time to arrive, payment policy...
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This is a great opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life to enjoy yoga and Pilates sessions plus a home made lunch. Yoga and Pilates days are held five times a year. Contact Katie for more details.

" However busy you are, however tired you feel, DO NOT be tempted even for 1 second to miss your yoga session with Katie.
Because you will enter into a new dimension of peace, calm, and sometimes humour as Katie gently guides you through yoga postures that will "magically" connect your mind and body.
And because.... Afterwards you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed and so relieved that you chose to find "yoga time" for yourself after all. "
- Mandy

“ I had many aches and pains in my neck and shoulders, and considerable stiffness in my thighs.  Since starting Yoga these have eased and I am delighted to find that my shoulders are no longer cramped and stiff, and my legs feel free and springy! ”
- Jo

" Since working with you for the last 11 years, my back and knees have improved a lot and I rarely suffer pain now. Before joining your classes I had regular Sciatica and I often found that, when walking/climbing with my children in the Peak District, my knees would be too painful to bear my weight. "
- Barbara

“ I had attended Pilates lessons for approx 5 years before starting Yoga. I was really worried that I wouldn't be flexible enough to actually perform some of the Yoga poses, but Katie gave me the confidence to 'give it a go' and work at my level. I didn't feel at all self conscious as I quickly realised we all have strengths and weaknesses, and whilst I found some of the exercises that require greater flexibility a struggle, I felt relatively competent when good balance was required. However, I feel that 6 months on, my flexibility is improving too!
I also started Yoga because I find it hard to relax & switch off - there's always a list being compiled in my head! I've learnt how to control my breathing and allow my body to completely relax, without the guilt of having 'me time'. The exercises also work well in combatting sleepless nights.
Katie is a great teacher, with a lovely soothing voice and there's ALWAYS her big beaming smile to welcome you to the start of each lesson! 
I would tell anyone that may be in two minds about Yoga to go for it with Katie Bennett! ”
- Jayne

" I come to Yoga because it gives me so much energy and makes me feel so alive and I enjoy yoga with Katie because she is such a brilliant teacher, she makes it a very happy social occasion as well as a great Yoga workout. "
- Margaret
" Coming into the restorative class is like walking into a big hug! I have never, ever stuck to any other yoga or exercise class before until I started coming to Katie's classes. I love coming. Katie pitches the exercises for our individual needs. I like the class being a small group at Katie's house, rather than a large impersonal group in a draughty church hall. "
- Dorothy

" I come to yoga because it is the most enjoyable way of keeping me more supple and is very relaxing. I enjoy yoga with Katie because she is caring and somehow manages to make what is a group experience feel more personal."
- Joan

" I enjoy coming to Yoga because I find Katie an inspirational and enthusiastic
teacher. I believe that yoga is helping to maintain my health and well being. "
- Morag

" I started suffering with arthritis in my hips relatively young (early forties) and had tried numerous things to help ease the pain and stiffness (over the counter medication, physio, herbal remedies etc) when somebody suggested yoga.  I came to Katie feeling hopeful but with slight reservations as to how much yoga could really help me.  However my (admittedly limited) expectations have been happily proved to be completely without basis.  The pain and stiffness in my hips was not only causing me to limp (or to try and hide my limping) but was also pushing my whole body out of line.  Yoga has not only helped correct this but through the different exercises that we do, has also made me feel more supple and 'loose'.  Coupled with the meditative approach that Katie emphasises I have also learned to handle my arthritis when it does flair up.  All this wouldn't be possible though without Katie, who has an approach that manages to keep a class focused, calm and yet incredibly cheerful, and the relaxation at the end is sublime. I always finish the class wonderfully relaxed and yet really quite exhilarated - she's a star! "
- Nicola

" I love the Yoga classes with Katie as it allows me to totally concentrate on ' the job in question as she talks us through each breath, stretch, movement and posture. She offers alternative moves and postures whenever necessary to suit all ages and abilities, but at the same time encourages you to go that little step further if you want to. "
- Annie